room of the week: small space bathroom

This bathroom in the renovated Austrailian home of architects Kate Fitzpatrick and Ben Stibbard is contemporary with natural elements and great functionality. The floating vanity doesn't take up a lot of visual space, yet provides lots of closed storage. I love that they created a double vanity but used only one sink, thereby creating more counter space and also not purchasing two sinks! The wooden counter, which carries all the way around the exterior of the cabinet is very modern with a natural touch. Oversized slate tiles add the feeling of space, and all white walls, including a tiled shower surround from ceiling to floor, cuts down on visual clutter. Brilliant. 


top 10 handmade easter eggs

One of my favourite times of year was just before Easter when I spent a weekend at my Nana's making Easter eggs. So I swoon over the many creative designs that are posted online these days. These have made my top ten for this year. 

silk-dyed eggs
decal eggs
Ukranian wax art eggs
colourful naturally dyed eggs
marbelized nail polish egges
twine-wrapped eggs
doily stenciled eggs
ombre eggs
natural leaf print eggs
decopaged book eggs

For international egg design inspiration, check out last year's post. 

green your home this Spring

Nothing refreshes a space more than adding living plants and greenery. Even in a small home, there's always room. But don't take my word for it, here's proof. 

recycled newspaper pots via

refreshing our mindfulness


Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day; 
And give us not to think so far away 
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here 
All simply in the springing of the year

Robert Frost

8 tips for an organized, healthy and productive office space

Whether you work in a cubicle or at home, refreshing your office to create an organized, healthy and comfortable space will allow you to be more productive, less stressed and generally more healthy. Here are a few easy ways to accomplish this.  

1.  Clean off your desk and keep things in their place. Have a drawer or filing system for papers and to-do lists. Better yet, get them online in the cloud so they are available on all your devices, or get an app for list making and reminders, thereby reducing paper consumption.

2. Use vintage wooden boxes for business cards, and ceramic pots, mugs and bowls for pens, paperclips and do-dads. 

3. Add some plants. They not only add natural beauty, they also clean pollutants out of the air and add in oxygen and humidy, making it more comfortable to breathe and have brilliant ideas. 

4. Display a personal picture or two in a nice frame. A mugshot of family members or that drawing by your nephew will instantly put a smile on your face while dealing with a looming deadline. 

5. Create a pretty DIY mousepad. This post shows how I made mine from a repurposed coffee can lid. 

6. Drink lots of water and do it from a refilable glass bottle. A ceramic or glass refillable mug for tea or coffee also helps cut down on paper and plastic cup waste, and can look pretty too. These ones are from ello

7. Use essentials oils to create a subtle calming atmosphere. The aroma of natural essential oils stimulates the brain  and can lift your mood and help alleviate stress. Scenting your office with lavender essential oil is said to reduce computer errors by 25%!

 8. Finally, make sure your chair is comfortable. An ergonomic chair will ensure your feet are flat on the floor and your arms at a 90 degree angle when typing. It'll make a world of difference to your back and shoulders. 

Here's to working healthy and happy! 

DIY electronics charging station...sort of

OK, confession time- I didn't make this version.  I started to make my own charging station for my tablet and phone out of a heavyweight cardboard box. 

Some packing tape, pretty card stock paper and modge podge was all I needed. But I wasn't completely happy with the paper I had on hand to cover it with, so I popped into my neighborhood Target store to get some more. Then I saw the exact thing I was going to make on clearance for $3.50 and it was to be discontinued. One left. In the colour and pattern I was looking for. Fate? Temptation? I argued with myself in the aisle (hopefully not out loud) about whether to consume a new good most likely made overseas instead of making it myself. Convenience won out. I know. I still feel guilty, but man it looks nice on my sideboard and I love how it collects everthing in an organized way.  

I poked two holes into it for the cords of my electronics and that was it. 

I still think it would be easy to replicate with the cardboard, and maybe I'll finish mine someday to use as a gift. 

This not buying stuff is hard sometimes, isn't it?